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Sustai­na­bility certi­fication supports also internal communication

Corporate respon­si­bility requires sustai­nable actions. To make these actions widely regarded as respon­sible as they are, national and inter­na­tional certi­ficates are useful.

Golf courses also want to act respon­sibly, already because the users of the courses want it, says Aki Keronen, COO of Karelia Golf. Karelia Golf has done many correct things throughout the years, which made it easy to commit to applying for a GEO certi­ficate: a certi­ficate for environ­men­tally respon­sible golf courses.

– The certi­ficate application included lots of documen­tation and checklists. Quite basic things, that had already been done. They just needed to be properly documented. We could also point out some issues to be developed in near future, says Aki Keronen in an interview with Karelia’s Digi2Market project.

In 2019–2022, Karelia Golf and Kontio­lahti Golf Oy, the company which operates Kontio­lahti golf courses, partici­pated in the inter­na­tional Digi2Market project. One of the purposes of the NPA-funded ERDF-project was to support companies in commu­nicating their sustai­na­bility operations.

For Karelia Golf, GEO certi­ficate is part of internal and external commu­nication, as the club wants to keep choosing sustai­nable solutions – after all, in North Karelia the most important activity of golf is playing in the middle of beautiful nature.

Watch an interview with Aki Keronen about how a golf course can execute sustai­na­bility actions:


Risto Salminen, Project Specialist, Karelia UAS

Photo by Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash