Student story: Mikhail Anuchkin



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Mikhail Anuchkin
Student, Degree Programme in Inter­na­tional Business

I began my studies at Karelia UAS in August 2014.  After two-year studying in Joensuu, Finland, I was accepted to an internship in London for six months, which started from summer 2016. I began to work in Customer Service department of a company which is dealing with online business platforms and devel­oping games. After 2 months of outstanding perfor­mance I was promoted to Quality Control department as a Quality Assurance Analyst. Therefore, my contract was prolonged and internship lasted 7 months. During my third year I performed my exchange studies in Paris, France at Novancia Business School.

During my internship and exchange period, the support from Karelia UAS was always present. In addition, I could feel the support of the Inter­na­tional Coordi­nator, Ms Heidi Varti­ainen, every single day.  Also, Ms Katriina Korhonen, Erasmus+ Coordi­nator at Karelia UAS, helped me with Erasmus+ funding.

While searching for the internship, I was looking through the many web pages that show available working positions in UK. With the help of the inter­na­tional coordi­nator I found a useful site called (a universal site that works mainly in UK). I was lucky to find a job that was perfectly suitable for my skills. The company I worked for was mostly inter­acting with Italian and Russian corpo­ra­tions; hence, my capac­ities perfectly matched the company requirements.

Within the next 2 years, my goal is to finish my Bachelor degree as soon as I can (by 31st of December). After that I would like to apply for Master degree with different options in Finland, Italy, France or UK. Therefore, I plan to undertake the GMAT exam and pass it with good score. During my internship I got really inter­ested in Quality Management and I would like to work in with quality issues also in the future. Personally I think that it is essential to find just a field in inter­na­tional business that you like, and follow it. Therefore, by the end of the day, it is important to find the right time and right job position already when studying.



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