Alumni, Pawel Kryjom

Bachelor of Business and Admin­is­tration, Degree Programme in Inter­na­tional Business 2006, CEO, FarmTrade, Poland

I am the owner of FarmTrade company located in Poland. FarmTrade was estab­lished in 2005 during study time as internship in local company. Nowadays, the company is an official and exclusive repre­sen­tative in Poland of several foreign manufac­turers. The company makes a sole distri­b­ution network and sales of plastics for agriculture as well as agriculture machinery on the market. The company provides sales and after sales service vs spare parts.


Currently, company employs 2 admin­is­tration and 4 sales people that allow to cover distri­b­ution to whole area of Poland. The after sales department count 2 service/ technical persons that support dealers by after sales. Additionally, I manage all sales and marketing strategy concerning all products from the range we are dealing with. The best part of my current work is networking and inter­per­sonal relation on worldwide inter­na­tional society.

I started at NKUAS (nowadays Karelia UAS) as an exchange student that comes to a Scandi­navian country in order to get experience in studying at a Finnish university. After several weeks I decided to become fulltime student because I realized that NKUAS offers me the real oppor­tunity to get some serious business knowledge, not only theoretical but mostly empirical, and life experience that was a greatest devel­opment in my career.

The Inter­na­tional Business degree programme caught my attention for many reasons. Those reasons allowed me to establish my own company. The inter­na­tional society at NKUAS allowed me to become a fluent member of the inter­na­tional business world. Active student life on variety of activity on Finnish school allowed me to be a leader in the business life.

All case studies and practical trainings/internships as well as first subject I started my experience at NKUAS was an export project that gave me practical knowledge that I could not find anywhere else. During study time I consol­i­dated my inter­per­sonal and cross cultural skills. Nowadays, I am daily dealing with partners from Europe as well as South America.

The best course that I attended was an export project due to reality of tasks. The subject reflects the real business activity I am dealing with daily. The project allowed me to under­stand inter­na­tional trade and production chain itself. It was a good fun made by inter­na­tional teams and great experience.

Studying together with other foreign students allowed me to better under­stand inner working in multi­cul­tural environment. Currently, I face and interact with inter­na­tional suppliers and freely managing all cross-border tasks and activities.

In the future I plan to invest my time to improve my language skills in order to under­stand mentality from our main foreign suppliers. I already started course of Italian language. However, in profes­sional work life the most important personal devel­opment is to gain the biggest specialism on a working field. In my case it means to improve management skills as well as product knowledge.

I highly recommend to start a big adventure in a business world at Karelia UAS. The university is modern and well organized. Karelia UAS gives oppor­tunity to study according to profes­sional method­ology which corre­sponds to real business cases. IB degree is a big challenge and student social life in inter­na­tional environment makes fun and great atmos­phere overall. I believe also that experience at Karelia UAS can be a trampoline in your career as well.