Suvi Hassinen is the alumnus of the year 2018 at Karelia UAS

Suvi Hassinen is the alumnus of the year 2018 at Karelia UAS


Suvi Hassinen, a year 2015 graduate from Karelia UAS Degree Programme in Inter­na­tional Business, has been selected as the alumnus of the year. Hassinen, who works as the CEO of Havel Oy, has been actively cooper­ating with Karelia UAS after her gradu­ation. She has been sharing her career story with Karelia UAS students and also cooper­ating with Karelia UAS students through various project commissions.

Suvi Hassinen completed her Inter­na­tional Business studies at Karelia UAS success­fully, and her career path in a family company specialised in hose guards, forestry equipment and boating acces­sories is a good example of a success story. She has advanced in her career through various stages and become the CEO of the company. Her inter­na­tional expertise has been useful for the local business life and also enabled the target-oriented contin­u­ation of business opera­tions in Ilomantsi after the change of ownership in the family company.

The technical sector is not typical of a young woman, but Suvi Hassinen has boldly and proudly taken the lead in the family company, believed in her own skills, and brought it positively up on various occasions. She is also an active actor as she is in charge of inter­na­tional affairs and education in the Board of Joensuu Junior Chamber of Commerce, and acts as a junior member of the local committee of Ilomantsi of the North Karelia Chamber of Commerce.

The alumnus of the year was now selected for the second time at Karelia UAS. The word alumnus (plural alumni) refers to all students graduated from Karelia UAS and the previous North Karelia University of Applied Sciences/North Karelia Polytechnic as well as our inter­na­tional exchange students. The aim of alumni activ­ities is to promote the connection between Karelia UAS and working life and to support the emergence of cooper­ation between students and local businesses. Karelia UAS alumni can, for example, work as expert lecturers in study units, invite student groups for study excur­sions at their workplaces, provide students with intern­ships, projects and thesis topics, and act as mentors preparing students for working life.

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