Changes in the student admission process, but selec­tions made despite coronavirus

Changes in the student admission process, but selec­tions made despite coronavirus


Univer­sities of applied sciences will replace the entrance exami­na­tions of this spring’s first joint appli­cation process planned for April with admis­sions based on school perfor­mance and selection assign­ments. This is done in response to Finland’s decision to close its borders as part of the measures to combat the coron­avirus pandemic. This decision was made in a rectors’ conference held on Tuesday 17 March.

During this state of emergency, inter­na­tional students would be prevented from partic­i­pating in entrance exami­na­tions in Finland. As travel restric­tions and quaran­tines also apply to a number of other countries, organ­ising the exami­na­tions is also no longer possible outside Finland’s borders. Thank­fully, the FINNIPS network of Finland’s univer­sities of applied sciences has already previ­ously organised exami­na­tions in ten different countries.

Instead of entrance exami­na­tions, univer­sities of applied sciences will rely on appli­cants’ school perfor­mance and selection assign­ments in making selec­tions on candi­dates applying for foreign-language education.

The selection of students based on their school perfor­mance will take into account appli­cants seeking admission based on their matric­u­lation exami­na­tions and vocational upper secondary quali­fi­ca­tions similarly as in the spring’s second joint application.

Prepa­ra­tions of the selection assignment and an online interview possibly connected with this will continue in the network of managers of academic affairs of univer­sities of applied sciences.

The second joint appli­cation process to univer­sities of applied sciences will begin on Wednesday 18 March. More than half of the intake places will be filled based on the appli­cants’ school perfor­mance. If the entrance exami­nation for univer­sities of applied sciences planned for the beginning of June cannot be organised due to the coron­avirus epidemic, univer­sities of applied sciences will make some other arrange­ments for selecting applicants.