VIRTUAL WORK SMART Career and Recruitment Event 28 Jan 2021

Welcome to the Virtual Work Smart Career and Recruitment Event on 28th January at 12-15.

The technical platform for the event is Teams. Each company or organi­zation have its own space (Teams) where students come, interact and visit you. The Teams link will be here in this site below your company or organi­zation intro­duction on 28th Jan before the event.

Timetable: Company presen­ta­tions 15 min, questions and discussion 10 min. A new presen­tation starts every 25 min. See the tailored timetable below.

Recom­mended browsers are Firefox or Chrome.
Technical support for students: Niko Utriainen, tel. 0132606667

Company partic­i­pates are
(Changes are possible)

Eezy Oy
Eezy is easy and straight­forward – for employees and corporate clients alike. We make it easy to find work and employees.
Presen­tation in English at 12
Teams link here

Nordic Koivu Oy
More about us
Presen­tation in English at 12.25
Teams link here

Hurry Oy
Marketing agency Hurry Creative Cabin of creative creatures Hurry is a creative house for adver­tising, prints and events, but that’s just a tip of the iceberg in our business. Hurry has over 40 employees in five different cities; Joensuu, Kuopio, Iisalmi, Varkaus and Tampere have already been invaded by our yellow logo. Cooper­ation with educa­tional estab­lish­ments is a great way for us to scout new talents and for you to gain valuable experience. We are looking for trainees, who can seriously (but not with a serious face) work for us – now, and possibly after gradu­ation. During your training period, you will carry out tasks similar to any regular employee. If you want to do your thesis with us, we have plenty of themes for you – from service design to real-life marketing cases. As a trainee, you can be sure that you are not treated as “just another trainee”. Whichever you would like to complete under our wing, you can be sure you will have a supporting team around you at all times.
Presen­tation in English at 12.50
Teams link here

WANT TO EXPERIENCE CAREER GROWTH WITH US?JOIN OUR TEAM! Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company (part of Koch Indus­tries), is committed to serving pharma­ceu­tical, diagnostics and medical device customers by creating technology and products to improve people’s lives. We operate innovation centers in North America, Europe and Asia, and manufac­turing sites at 26 locations in 10 countries. With over 5 500 employees working in a quality-conscious culture, we take you safely and quickly through the process of bringing medical products to market. We offer an engineering rotational program to new college graduates at the Bachelors level with a degree in a related technical disci­pline. Our contract manufac­turing business is related to medical device/pharma/drug delivery markets, as well as commercial and other regulated markets, and our new graduates will experience exposure to engineering jobs in those markets.
Presen­ta­tions in English at 12.25, 13.15 and 14.05
Teams link here

Sensire Oy
At the moment we are looking for marketing trainee. Preferred area is content creation and experience in videos would be a bonus.
All presen­ta­tions in English: at 12, 12.25, 12.50, 13.15, 13.40,14.05 and 14.30
Teams link here

Bitcomp Oy
Bitcomp Oy is an expert on intel­ligent forest systems. Our mission is to provide facts for decision-makers of all sizes so that no decision would need to be made based on a mere assumption. We have developed geographic infor­mation systems for the natural resources sector for over 20 years. By actively doing research and devel­opment work, we are able to make the most of technologies. Among others, this is apparent in our appli­ca­tions utilizing satellite data and artificial intel­li­gence to help make forest sector organi­za­tions’ practical work more practical.

We have offices in Finland in four locations: in Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki, and Vimpeli. In these locations, we have over 60 programming and forestry experts working for facts with us.

Get to know us better at
Presen­ta­tions in English at 13.40 and 14.30
Teams link here

IT and business consulting services. See more here.
Presen­tation in English at 14.05.
Teams link here

Nolwenture create digital products and services. Our work covers innovation, commercial strategy and execution along with the design and devel­opment of web-based and mobile apps. We offer a wide variety of software devel­opment and embedded system solutions. If you are inter­ested in a career in software devel­opment Nolwenture have an excellent track record in offering fulfilling intern­ships typically leading to future employment within Nolwenture. You can apply for an internship by sending a covering email with your CV (in English) to More about us here.
Presen­ta­tions in English at 12, 12.25, 12.50, 13.40, 14.05 and 14.30.
Teams link here