General collection’s loans get a longer due date, when you renew them

Summer is comming, and so are the longer summertime due dates for our general collection’s loans. The due dates are not going ahead automat­i­cally, so remember to renew them. Renew the 28-days-loans now, and the next due date will be in August (18.8.).

  • If you have the Tuudo library card, the renewal is easy & quick to do there.
  • You can also renew your loans on Karelia-Finna.
  • You can contact library
    • on Karelia-Finna’s chat,
    • by email library(a) tai
    • to the number +358 50 311 9545 (WhatsApp/text message/phone call).

Notice. For course books, the long due dates will come after two weeks from now. Remember to renew them at that time!

if you are not able to renew

You are not able to renew your loans if:

  • there is a request placed on the loan,
  • you have had the loan the maximum time,
  • you have 10 euro or more overdue fees,
  • your customer infor­mation are no longer valid.
    • If you get shorter due date, the period of your customer infor­mation might be ending. Please, contact the library.

More info from Library’s Frequently asked questions page > See the Why can’t I renew my loans? heading.

returning the loans

Library is open until 30.6., and closed 1.7. – 2.8.

You can return your loans in the summer (and also whenever library is closed) by using the automated book return machine outside the library. It is located on the right from Tikkarinne Campus’ main entrance, along the downhill walkway. The return machine is available 24/7 (in the evenings, weekends and vacation times).

You can check all the opening, service and closing hours from Karelia-Finna.

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