Apply to Us

You can apply to us by filling in an appli­cation online at There are appli­cation periods to Karelia UAS several times in a year. The joint appli­cation to degree programmes conducted in English in univer­sities in Finland is organized in January.

Karelia UAS also organizes separate appli­ca­tions frequently. You find the appli­cation deadlines and all necessary infor­mation concerning appli­ca­tions on this page.

Joint Appli­cation to Higher Education on 4 – 18 January 2023

Karelia UAS offers three Degree Programmes in English in 2023:
Inter­na­tional Business
Degree obtained: Bachelor of Business Admin­is­tration (BBA), Tradenomi (AMK)
Indus­trial Management
Degree obtained: Bachelor of Engineering (Indus­trial Management), Insinööri (AMK)
Infor­mation and Commu­ni­cation Technology
Degree obtained: Bachelor of Engineering (Infor­mation and Commu­ni­cation Technology), Insinööri (AMK)