Career Planning

You plan your career in the course of your life, before, during, and even after your studies. Career guidance aims to support the devel­opment of students’ self-awareness and appre­ci­ation and to help them inves­tigate life and future options and identify the possi­bil­ities to influence their own life, map their career aspira­tions and oppor­tu­nities, as well as make personal decisions, and plan their profes­sional careers.

Besides discus­sions, career guidance can include different assign­ments and personal reflection to promote your career skills. The purpose of career guidance is to help you find answers and clarify your ideas through joint discussions.

Your choices shape your career progress. Oppor­tu­nities for dreamwork require planning, goal setting, dedication, and thoughtful consideration:

• What am I inter­ested in?

• What can I do?

• What is important to me?

• What kind of tasks do I want to have after graduating?

• What possi­bil­ities do I have?

• How do I implement my plan?

The purpose of the Career Guidance website is to help you reflect on and plan your career during your studies and after gradu­ation. The site makes it easier for you to identify and commu­nicate your knowledge and strengths. When looking for a traineeship or a job, it can help you create an appli­cation and a resume or CV. The site aims to increase the ability to plan your job search and to find a job. In addition, the website contains general infor­mation about workplaces and labour market. 

Welcome to plan your career!