EXAM – FAQ by Students

Why can’t I find an exam for a course I am taking?
Ask your teacher whether the exam can be taken electron­i­cally in the EXAM system.

Is a Moodle exam the same as an exam in the Exam system?
No. Moodle exam is taken in Moodle.

Can I take the exam at any time I want?
The teacher has defined a certain period for the exam. You can take the exam during that period once you have booked an exam computer for yourself. The opening hours of the room are available in the booking system.

Can I take the exam on any computer I want?
No, you cannot. You can only take the exam on a computer that has been reserved for you when you booked the exam time.

How soon can I see the exam results?
After three weeks, at the latest. *) However, teachers’ holidays are not included in this time.