EXAM – Possible problems and solutions

NB! There is no technical assis­tance during an exam.

If the screen is blank or shut down, the computer is in sleep mode or switched off:

  1. move the mouse
  2. turn the screen on
  3. turn the computer on

If the browser crashes or you close it acciden­tally, reopen the EXAM browser, and your exam will continue normally.

If the computer or an appli­cation crashes, wait for restart or restart the computer yourself. Reopen EXAM browser and log in. Your exam will most probably continue.

Inter­ruption notifi­cation of EXAM

If your exam is inter­rupted or obstructed because of a technical problem, inter­ruption in the exam area or other reason: log out of the computer, leave the room and report the inter­ruption via email (exam@karelia.fi) immedi­ately. Your email must include the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Student number
  • Student’s email address
  • Number of the exam computer
  • Name of the inter­rupted exam
  • Date and time of the inter­rupted exam
  • Time of the interruption
  • Description of the inter­ruption or problem

There is no technical support at the university of applied sciences during your exam. Remember, that you are always taking an electronic exam on your own respon­si­bility. Therefore, it is essential that you read the instruc­tions and take the Training exam!

Possible problems and solutions

Problem: Browser crashes OR you acciden­tally close the browser.
Solution: Restart Exam and log in. The exam continues.

Problem: Technical problems (computer restarts in the middle of the exam).
Solution: Wait until the restart has completed. Log in to Exam. The exam may continue. If it does not, leave the room and notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Fire alarm or some other alarm in the exam room.
Solution: Leave the room immedi­ately. Notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Another partic­ipant disturbs.
Solution: Quit or continue the exam. In both cases notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Power or telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions cut.
Solution: Leave the room. Notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Fit, seizure or some other urgent need to leave the room.
Solution: Quit the exam and log out of the computer. Notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Fit or seizure of another partic­ipant or another sudden situation.
Solution: Help! Quit or continue with the exam. In both of the cases notify of the problem as instructed.

Problem: Suspicion of a misconduct.
Solution: Finish your own exam. Notify of your suspi­cions after your exam as instructed.