EXAM – Taking the exam in the EXAM-room

Leave your belongings outside in the lockers, as you are not allowed to bring anything else except your personal identi­fi­cation card and the locker key with you. All the necessary equipment to take the exam are available in the EXAM-room.

You are not allowed to leave the exam room before completing the exam.

You can complete your exam only on the computer you were assigned when you made your reser­vation. Make sure you know the correct computer name/number before entering the room. You can check the infor­mation from your confir­mation email or from your dashboard in EXAM before arriving.

Logging in and taking the exam

Log in to the right computer by using password kareli­aexam.
Open Firefox browser.
Log in to the EXAM-system with your personal username and password. The user name has to be entered in the short format (e.g. 88993342)

Infor­mation view

After logging in you will see an infor­mation view:

  • If you are on the wrong computer, the program will tell you which computer to use. Log out and find the right computer. Log in to the right computer and EXAM as instructed above.
  • If you see a notice that the next exam is starting, you have arrived a bit early. Wait patiently, as your exam will start automat­i­cally when the booked time starts.
  • When you are on the right computer and log in after the exam time has started, you will see the starting view of the exam and the exam starts right away.

Once the exam starts, you will see the instruc­tions for your exam on the first page. If there are no instruc­tions, you will see the first question page.
NB! The exam may be divided into several pages according to how many sections of questions there are.

Move to the first section of questions by selecting the green button. You will see the amount of sections in the right corner. Save your answer and move to the next question.

Move onwards to the next sections of questions.

  • You will see the remaining time for your exam on the top of the view.
  • You can move between the questions in the menu on the right by clicking the questions.
  • The system autosaves your answers one minute intervals. NB. The system does not autosave any possible attach­ments made in other programmes so you must save them yourself and attach them to your exam.
  • Avoid closing the browser during the exam.

When you are ready, be sure to attach any attach­ments before you finish, as after submitting the exam (either automat­i­cally or yourself) you cannot attach them.

Click on the Save and Submit button. Confirm by clicking Yes.

You will be logged out automat­i­cally. Close the Firefox browser and log out of the workstation as instructed by your university of applied sciences.