EXAM visit

Exam visit means that you take your own university’s exam in another university’s Exam room. Before booking a time for your exam in another university, please check that university’s rules and regula­tions as well as opening hours and how to access the exam room.

Please check! At the moment EXAM visit is possible in the following insti­tu­tions.

To book an exam time

  • Log in to your own university’s EXAM with your user id and password.
  • Click Exams in the navigation on the left and type the course code in the search field. You can also search for an exam by exam name or teacher’s name. 
  • The system gives you a list of exams based on your search, choose the right exam by clicking the green box “Regis­tering for the exam”.
    NB! If you are regis­tering for a personal exam or maturity test, the exam is ready on your dashboard when you log in to EXAM.
  • To book a time in another university, click “Exam room reser­vation from external institution”
EXAM Choose external institution
  • Choose the organi­zation from the drop down menu and after that the exam room.
EXAM choose organization
EXAM choose exam room
  • Now you see the booking calendar, choose a time and confirm your booking.
  • Make sure you check the other university’s info and instruc­tions for exam visit before you book the time.
  • When you go to take your exam, you log in to the other university’s EXAM with your own university’s user id and passwo