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Karelia University of Applied Sciences is an active partner in creating excel­lence in education in varied fields. Karelia Global education services are flexible and may be imple­mented on-line, on-site or as a variable combi­nation based on the identified needs, service design and context.

Karelia’s creates in collab­o­ration with its inter­na­tional partners degree studies and tailor made training courses.  Furthermore, it provides expertise in facil­i­tating educa­tional reform and curriculum devel­opment processes. Karelia builds partic­i­patory learning commu­nities and applies learner centered inclusive higher education with a strong emphasis on students’ wellbeing, partic­i­pation and study perfor­mance. In education, the main fields are business, engineering and health care. Moreover, Karelia offers tailored courses and studies also in the field of forestry, hospi­tality management and social sciences.

Our key focus areas are sustainable energy and materials and modern welfare services. Inter­na­tion­al­i­sation, digital­i­sation and entre­pre­neurship are embedded into the devel­opment actions. Modern welfare services discuss especially the global issues of aging population with an approach promoting quality of life and decreasing costs. Sustainable energy and materials mainly explore the potential of green bioeconomy promoting the objec­tives of zero waste and fossil free society.

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