Working methods and practices in Early Childhood Education

Upgrade your working methods and practices in Early Childhood Education to the next levels! 


This course offers you the intensive and efficient pedagogy workshops in English and selected hands-on examples of Finnish compre­hensive Early Childhood Education skills and knowledge with in-dept focus on working methods and practices. 

Target groups 

Education profes­sionals, teachers, educators, education leaders and admin­is­tration staffs, researchers in the field of education who want to lift their knowledge, compe­tence and skills to the higher levels with gained insights into the Finnish expertise. 


  • One-week, onsite, 4 ECTS 
  • Individual and independent learning 
  • Group learning 
  • Reports 
  • Practice exercises 
  • Applicable task in students own work environment 
  • School visits 


  • Physical education 
  • Drama education 
  • Media education 
  • Art-based education 
  • Planning, working and evaluation 

Your accom­plishment after the course 

After this course, students 

  • under­stand the basics of the use of art –based, sports -, drama- and media education methods and their signif­i­cance in early childhood education 
  • know how art –based, sport-, drama- and media education methods can be used to support a child’s growth and development 
  • is able to consider the devel­op­mental needs of children in the planning of activities 
  • is able to evaluate activ­ities from the perspective of early childhood education goals and the child 


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